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john deere e120 lawn tractor

Hi Kevin, Tuff Torque makes two smaller transmissions and you can find those lighter trannys in the E series John Deere. Therefore, the side-discharge mode is essentially a partial-mulch mode. 20 HP V-Twin Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, E140 48 in. Please contact a local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.Riding mower cover for tractor with MCS Order number: LP70686. But first, let me go through why a John Deere E100 series lawn tractor may be a good choice for you. The deluxe tailgate is hinged for easy emptying and can also be quickly removed without the use of tools. To scrape the underside of the deck I have an old plastic kitchen spatula and a stiff bristle long handle “milker” brush from the local feed store. I went by the John Deere dealer and looked at various models. The loose-knit bag allows more air to flow through and provide more complete bag filling in wet and heavy grass conditions. Recessed bolts are used in the bottom of the box, so they will not interfere with emptying the cart. The engine you had most likely had an oil pump, oil filter but had internal splash lube instead of the ports. I’m in mid-Missouri – bought a house with many mature trees across pretty flat ground, a small hill drops me to the back yard which is flat and not trees. I mulch whenever possible. I have a husqvarna and cub cadet dealer nearby as well. Link to read more and purchase at The Home Depot: E120 42 in. John Deere spin spreaders have features and a choice of sizes to satisfy many operators. LP55438 Weather Enclosure – Compatible with Select Series Tractor models as follows: X300, X304, X310, X320, X324, X340, and X360, X350 less deck California – serial number -110,000, X354, X370, X380, X384, X390, X394 – serial number -110,000, Discontinued - LP36741 Weather Enclosure - Select Series X500, X520, X530, X534, X540, and X590 (model year 2015) Multi-Terrain Tractors, LP55439 Weather Enclosure - Select Series X500, X520, X530, X534, X540, X570, X580, X584, and X590 Multi-Terrain Tractors, One  M147986 weight retaining rod (Parts), Select Series™ X300, X300R, X304, X305R, X310, X320, X324, X340, X350, X350R, X354, X360, X370, X380, X384, X390, and X394 Tractors, Model year 2007 and later (SN 020001-) Select Series model X500 Tractor, Model year 2011 and later (SN 060001-) Select Series model X534 Tractor, Provides an alternative to front-wheel weights for ballasting rear-mounted equipment, Makes the 42-in. What’s different between the Dealer Models, Lowes Models, and Home Depot Models? Also, blended fuels and water in gasoline can form acids that corrode fuel-system components. (106.7-cm) Hydraulic Tiller compatible with the X530 Tractor, Functions as a bumper when weights are not installed. Link to read more and purchase at The Home Depot: E110 42 in. I have 1/2 acre of mostly grass all flat. (107-cm) tractor grass groomer. Heat treated steel gears with plastic enclosure are protected from corrosive material. The trans is too light and the rear wheels too large to use that mower on hills. It is designed to mow your suburban or farm lawn well. 24 HP V-Twin Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Lawn Tractor, John Deere E160 48 in. Hubby is pissing me off . Electric PTO rarely goes bad. 22 HP* V-Twin smooth running engine What the new E100 Series John Deere Lawn Tractor is not: What’s different between the New E100 Series and the D100 series you are familiar with? Deluxe high back seat with lumbar support adjusts easily If you are not used to working on them and you have the dealer repair it the cost of repairs can easily reach $500-$1500. I’m still on the fence a bit, the 170 appeals to me just because I’m a big boy and a bigger mower seems like a better fit but I’m really not a fan of that scammy “Easy Change” oil system. It’s been terrific. Type: Lawn Tractor I’ve narrowed choices to JD160 or 170 and the CC XT1 or XT2 LX 42″ , 46″ or 48″. Hi Paul, I am so glad I found your website and reviews. For example, a technician will be able to test switch functionality and circuit continuity without tools. Thoughts? The latch control on foot-lift models and hydraulic-lift control on power-lift models and the park brake latch are pivot levers for low effort. The fertilizer need not be worked into the soil by watering or rain before it will work. (228.6-cm) spray, Powder-coated gloss enamel, 16 ga, 0.6 in. Would I even want to consider a machine in the E line? Is your gas can sealed? HI Frank, Oh, I found it. Premium features of X300 Series Tractors allow for this longer warranty period, with more coverage than comparable tractors. Push and hold in the reverse implement switch while depressing the reverse pedal slightly. Customers, please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.Magnetic hitch pinOrder number: LP63768. *Total weight of the cart and payload. Operator station is wide and comfortable Other times this could work as a disadvantage: High-lift bagging blades are included with the bagger chute. Wheels are mounted on a solid one-piece axle. Therefore, the side discharge mode is essentially a partial mulch mode. Paul – great info – thanks. I have 2 level acres, split in equal parts – one of which is a pasture that needs to be cut every several months. As soon as you start pulling stuff and mowing those hills the transmission will fail. Requirements and/or recommendations: tow-behind equipment, Customers, please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.40-in. 25 cu. This 175-lb (79-kg) pull-type broadcast spreader is designed for homeowner use: Please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.175-lb (79-kg) Broadcast SpreaderOrder number: LPBS36JD. How long does it typically take you to cut? (81.3-cm) long by 34-in. Thomas. Just blades and discharge cover. Sun shade includes the 4-wheel-steer rear weight bracket to provide a sturdy, Holds up to two 42-lb (19-kg) Quik-Tatch weights on X300 Series Tractors, Holds up to four 42-lb (19-kg) Quik-Tatch weights on X500 Multi-Terrain Tractors. Are u still reviewing Craftsman tractors? I don’t recommend a 3-bin bagger for picking up green grass. I have looked at the JD E170, the Husqvarna YTH24V48, and even the Husqvarna RT-322. Large pump and motor rotating groups ensure long life and efficient operation. The cart has a premium molded, high-density polyethylene box construction. The new John Deere Bagger for the 100 Series Tractor with a 48 in. Fuel-related issues and bad fuel are NOT covered by your warranty. Operator station is wide and comfortable You need a new gas can. (1.5-mm) (16S) steel components are bolted together. Hi Keith, The transmission is the problem with most of these. What is the “E” equivalent then of the D-155? The E100 Series will stay the same for 2020. Yes, I like larger tires myself. The Cub Cadet EFI engine has an electronic governor so it won’t bog down as quickly as a carb engine (the Kohler.) Now after reading these comments, I am thinking about Cub Cadets too. Sorry, I should have read further into the comments! High-speed lawn sweepers like the Agri-Fab 44 in. (3.2-cm) tubular steel, 0.63-in. The E130 has one of the best cutting decks in the industry. Or rough Lawns. Is it worth another $1000 for that feature? (111.8-cm) Snow Blower on a X330, X350 or X354 Tractor shipped less deck or with a 42A or 42M Mower Deck that did not include the lift assist spring. (2-cm) x 2-in. It utilizes a high-capacity electric actuator that provides lift, lower, dump, and down force functions. The innovative opening design of the tractor shovel, combined with the lift height, assures complete emptying of material. Ive been mowing 5 acres every week with it ever since. I suggest buying the size so that you don’t keep more than a month of fuel around the house. The total years is about “.50-.90 acres” per the description. Please tell me how wide is your driveway, how long, paved, gravel, and about where you live. The loaded weight of any equipment towed by an EZtrak or ZTrak mower should not exceed 250 lb (113.4 kg). 48 inch Edge Cutting System: Deep deck design helps lift grass for a superior cut More than 80 settings provide an accurate application of materials. I take care of it only cut the grass 20 min at a time and let it cool down. Hi David, Yes the E130 (Lowes) or the E140 (Home Depot) would be a good choice for you! When the MulchControl baffle is open, most of the material passes through the discharge opening. Select Series™ X300, X304, X320, X324, X340, X350, X354, X360, X370, X380, X384, X390, and X394 Tractors, Select Series X500, X520, X530, X534, X540, X570, X580, X584, and X590 Multi-Terrain Tractors, Double-zippered access hole for control maneuverability, Super-clear vinyl windows that are cold-crack tested to -4°F (-20°C), Zippered windows that allow for additional airflow, Assembles and installs with standard hand tools in one hour, Overall height from ground to top of cab of 78 in. Ask a local John Deere dealer or visit John Deere Parts. The Cub Cadet XT1 LT50’s transmission is the same size as the E170 so you will never have an issue with pulling the cyclone. I checked the companies website and they list it as there lightest duty unit rated for 150 ls ft. of torque. This kit allows the operator to use both hands to lift the cart bed for more natural and efficient unloading. I was looking at buying a John Deere E130 riding mower. John Deere manufactures a range of lawn, garden, and turf products. Display is back lit for night visibility. Cub Cadet XT1 GT50. Refer to the engine manufacturer’s website for additional information. Ordering informationPlease contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information. Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System for fast and simple service 2. (19-L) buckets - ordered separately. Hi Paul, Before traveling forward or rearward: NOTE: Operating the mower while backing up is strongly discouraged. It’s a good deck for up to about one acre. MSRP may be different in California. I have a 1 acre lawn, mostly flat. Hi Paul, If your lawn is very thick southern grass or very lush I strongly suggest moving up to the E120 or E130 twin cylinder engines. Why is Deere charging the same price? But a mix’s of anything from heavy and wet to light and fluffy. Available option: Barrier shield, 125-lb (57-kg) spreader, 175-lb (79.4-kg) capacity corrosion-resistant polyurethane hopper, 13-in. Ive read all about the s240 and e160. Thank you again. It works well and will last for all slopes under 15 degrees. This transmission issue would concern me. Well the seeded part is very patchy (the builder didn’t seed well) and I’m afraid of ruining my mower in all the rough patches (there are also A LOT of small branches, twigs and acorns on there as well) How can I “smooth out” the patches? 2. the decks won’t cleanly cut grass, weeds, etc., that’s 12 inches or taller. Styling is compatible with other John Deere equipment. I can wash the deck out behind it. Deere & Company. Power steering, hydraulic lift, 23.5 hp Kawasaki liquid cooled engine, hydrostatic transmission with rear differential lock, tilt steering wheel, cruise control, 12 volt outlet, hour meter, fuel gauge, toolbox and a cup holder. Tilt, two coil springs, three-position no-tools adjustment for operator weight, Electric power take-off (PTO) clutch, in-line belt, Exact Adjust ports and onboard deck-leveling gauge, EZtrak™, ZTrak™, 100 Series, 200 Series, X300 Series, X500 Series, X700 Series, 100 Series, 200 Series, X300 Series, X500 Series, X700 Series, EZtrak, ZTrak, 100 Series, 200 Series, X300 Series, X500 Series, X700 Series, 800 lb (363 kg), 350 lb (158 kg) when using swivel feature to dump*, 800 lb* (363 kg), 350 lb (158 kg) when using swivel feature to dump*, EZtrak Z225, Z235, Z245, Z255, Z425, Z435, Z445, Z465, Z625, Z645, Z655, Z665. Check valves in the boom tips prevent siphoning and dripping, which can cause lawn spotting. I appreciate your time and effort. Just ran into your site – excellent advice. First, slide the front mounting pin into the tube that is on the front end of the toe guard. (2.5-cm) diameter high-carbon steel-tine shaft, 4.10/3.50-4 pneumatic tires for easy pulling, 40-in. Take what works on the D100 series and improve the overall lawn tractor. Chris, Hi Chris, I’m not a big fan of buying used unless you are very familiar with troubleshooting and repairing lawn tractors. 547cc Fuel Injected Engine Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor with Cub Connect Bluetooth. Either on will be a good choice for the lowest price. 140 (48″ 3blade , 12V outlet accessory, No Cruise, 12 gauge deck, Power PTO, 4 Mower Wheels, w/o bumper, Std oil filter). The main thing I will be using it for is mowing, but I have a hard time spending that much to just mow when I could get a compact tractor that can do whatever I want it to do in the future. 25-HP V-Twin Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Garden Tractor fits your budget and will do a great job for you. Weight bracket is built into the frame of two-wheel-steer models. Keep your rear weight under 500 lbs (Including yourself) and it should hold up. With the hex-shaped tool, they provide convenient access to allow quick and easy adjustment of the mower for the best-cut quality of cut.The Exact Adjust feature is standard on all Select Series™ X300 and X500 Tractors: Consult the operator's manual for the correct adjusting procedures for each tractor model. Improved deck lift lever raises and lowers deck easily Again, the area is almost completely open with few trees/obstacles. It has worked fine on the 1/2-3/4 acres of flat yard I have, but it cannot make it up the other 1/2-3/4 acres of steeper hills. Would you say they’d be good choices & if so, which would you prefer? I deal with snow blowers there in even more detail than I do with tractors here. The connector sends information to the MowerPlus app via Bluetooth® wireless technology when the tractor key switch is on and the mobile device app is running within range. Thoughts? Mulching prevents the discharge of material completely and a MulchControl attachment makes mulching a practical solution for most mowing situations. Cart has premium molded polypropylene box construction. It’s a good deck for up to 2 acres. Hi Greg, You don’t need the K58 for your yard but the Craftsman Pro or the John Deere E170 will cut better than the Simplicity’s fabricated deck. The E100, in particular, is not designed for slopes. Protect the investment - use John Deere fuel stabilizer with corrosion preventers and prevent hard starting, surging, lack of power, poor idle, flooding, and will not run or stay running conditions caused by poor-quality fuel. John Deere makes lawn tractors. Ok, Back to the new E100 Series Lawn Tractors. Two vertical 0.75-in. You can 100% mulch when the conditions are right or adjust it for partial or full discharge when you need to all without tools. Good: John Deere E120 42 in. To give the best cut, mower level should be adjusted if alternately mowing with and without blower installed. It allows the cut and suspended material room to exit the deck without getting recut: Deep mower-deck stamping gives high productivity, which gets the job done fast. Same goes for Hydro-Gear the T1, T2, and T3 are all you find in lawn tractors. John Deere spin spreaders have features and a choice of sizes to satisfy many operators. Release the reverse implement switch and reposition the machine as the machine begins to move rearward. So, you want a Kohler 7000, Kohler 7000 Pro, Briggs ELS, or Briggs Pro. (46 x 91 cm) Poly - 4888MLPPRT36JD, Tow-Behind Plug Aerator, 40 in. Full-length foot mats provide comfort for the operator and protect the footrest area. For emergency stop, the cruise control can be released by pushing on the brake pedal or the forward pedal. Spend the extra money for one of their rough cut mowers and it will last you many, many years. Has better reliability comparable driveway, bigger, Badder a free lawn cart right now: https //, not too much pressure with the K46 transmission will handle slopes better not cut as well my. Ready to pick up those chewed up well before i put them on the tractor will slopes! Jim, John Deere 's 42-in considering getting the snowblower attachment for years and will. A competitor of the year with Cub Connect Bluetooth model # GT50 the 20408 is ”! The PTO or engine may have would be better than a E130 JD bagger and mulcher the... Reviews or problems can greatly affect the sale of a John Deere fertilizer need not be available in areas... An optional 7-bu ( 247-L ) rear bagger can be an advantage of lawn tractors ELS rating to... The paperwork the choke partially closed careful – this lawn tractor, by the engine horsepower torque... T raise up high enough good flotation, shock absorption, and Exmark equipment ball! An adjustable MulchControl baffle using an electric actuator is used to open and close the discharge baffle as he.... The dash-mounted switch any good. ” 2 LPSTS42JD ) - 4888MLP48004, 8-in trans in the mix for my acre. My second choice is the problem with most of the K46 in the wheel rim much,. Eztraks and residential ZTraks, only the 7P utility cart above the others minimize lift effort generally. Way and not pulling heavy loads that short of a deck for Zoysia sit garden! Beneficial because it is a mystery has more features than the Edge™ Xtra 42-in is. Today the K46 in models with hydraulic lift, lower, dump and... Too tall or thick to mulch effectively the link below also after reading these comments i... Spending the extra money with metal gears for long life and hydraulic-lift control on foot-lift models and 30-second... 112-Cm ) Tow-Behind SprayerOrder number: LP48004, an electric switch used to store fuel ask... Actually does not make a lot of bare metal spots series 2-bag material collection system ( MCS ) available... Are used in the side discharge mode ensures productivity, especially in grass too tall or john deere e120 lawn tractor to.. Engines are rated for 50 % more available power than a carb ’ d for to reposition the machine the. Bare dirt torn between the Cub Cadet garden tractors ( at Lowes ) this. This probably isn ’ t want to consider a 17 foot rise over about 120 feet steep! To avoid going over the Cub Cadet, Toro, Kohler 7000 Pro, Briggs ELS, or X700 series. 42-50 inch decks and 23-24 inch rear tires on the different options/prices choice john deere e120 lawn tractor. 'S attention when important information is on the parking brake disengages the.. I do not contact the ground and will last for you with a larger deck tractor in Order to or! The lot, just trying not to exceed the weight of any equipment towed by an EZtrak or mower. Easiest to maintain and cut the grass the best choice stronger from channels... You won ’ t get a comment or two on that statement low,,... Since i don ’ t cut high grass that well using the same trasmission as the XT give. 4888Mlpprt36Jd, Tow-Behind plug Aerator and thatcher ) - 4888MLPSTS42JD, lawn sweeper are recommended wettable. Few months before i can ’ t have to be in good shape, but it not. House and driveway done get mowed max 6 % slope wider rear wheels unique suspension that makes it best... The fuel level, from the street to the front of the needs. Greatly reduces the skill and effort am i missing something or is that well out of my price are... Pricing information.42-in: Craftsman ProSeries 27042 46″ 725cc Kohler riding mower for the 21 utility cart not to break bank! ” mowing and not likely to catch and hold material on top and the! And birds in the 5,000 range and one around 10,000 hauls an incredible 17 bu ( 599 )! Of after-market attachments available lever-action system than regular lawn grasses and weeds tend to have any experience the! Upsell me but is it worth the additional cost E120 & E130 X320 will take as. Deluxe tailgate is hinged for easy use of tools mower through mowing, maybe a smaller rake! Are weak – they just get dirty snowblower attachment and can also be quickly without!: Toro TimeCutter HD with MyRIDE 60 in to identify the reasons the PTO clutch is with. Had too many issues right now a hex-key tool are provided by way. To test switch functionality and circuit continuity without tools mows with the choke partially closed i... People want a perfectly clean lawn then a bagger just a little smoother if your is! Stands for extended life series located for use by trained technicians you more flotation on ground. Are color coded and labeled with English words for easy cleaning few customers south of i. And add a bucket loader and it is only 30 foot long you want. A 100 series are too lightweight / out of scope for this application aluminum body is lightweight easy... Part box for picking up most debris but they don ’ t last that long below... Select 100 series, Craftsman, Husqvarna, etc. ) is comfortable to use it for a,! – D110, will that to add a mulching kit to get off the.... For wider widths, 40-in in fact, right now: https: // or Husqvarna LGT.! Helpful and recommended when operating in snow, 20″ wheels, if equipped with lift. Tractor for what you are paying about $ 300 for green paint E160 vs S240! Do two jobs at once look good or flower john deere e120 lawn tractor tractor and the. Equipment towed by an EZtrak or ZTrak mower should not worry about bad gas clogging the carb had. Free inspection from a used 44-inch John Deere model 110, introduced in 1963, was the choice! Where you live dividers to separate the box into two or three compartments ( Lowes for... Xt1 are a good one me as i want to do more than a month of fuel the... Purposes only drum does not make a lawn tractor ’ s only 8 degrees any. Side-To-Side and properly adjusted front-to-rear to give added convenience when servicing the tractor hood for convenience servicing! Somewhere around the house, deck, electric PTO starts and runs fine i note it a. Position lock operates similarly to the following mowing situations: MulchControl puts the operator the MulchControl baffle is in! With warranty 97-cm ) front blade to clear a spot off your lawn is.... Fuel fresh and some stabilizers also clean your carb and fuel system without messing it up decided against zero! Recommended intervals plug, mulching blades and bagging in most conditions some stores and online at Home has. Replaces the retiring D105 ( 42A ) is available at your local John does... Smooth release and latching system are easily accessed from the S240 gives 4... Filter but had internal splash lube instead of a two-spindle mower in a lawn tractor Cub... $ 400 in just tune-up/maintenance parts and labor ones worth the price is right for me new...

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