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cinnamon pickles without pickling lime

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I hope you’ll never feel that way though. BOIL for ONE minute. Be Blessed!!! Insert skewer, work around edges, removing as many air bubbles as possible. I love them both! I use Mrs Wages recipe for my sweet pickles. This is what helps to make a nice crunch. Place one of the jar Bands down over the lid. Maybe another reader that has tried it can share some light on using it. Be Blessed!!! This part took a little time to complete, but hang in there until you’ve got them all scooped out and clean. Hi Roxanne, I’d just add some more sugar. Test jars for proper seal. -Steve. These jars are pretty well packed, so there isn’t a lot of room to insert a butter knife or something similar. Do they taste the same? Thank you for your visit and be sure to visit with us often. I appreciate the question and your visits to Taste of Southern. It really would take your breath away if you inhaled any of it. Made with Red Hot Cinnamon Candies, we’ll show you how to make them, and then show you how to can them using a water bath canning process. This is my typical stove setup for water bath canning. SAVE the syrup of course, we’re fixing to heat it back up. This is my first attempt and so far so good, fingers crossed. As you can see by the small pile in the top right, I really didn’t have much left that I wasn’t going to use. Your email address will not be published. Am I reading this correct, that’s alot of sugar. I have a question about the pickling lime though. of 3- to 4-inch pickling cucumbers 1/3 cup canning or pickling salt 4-1/2 cups sugar 3-1/2 cups vinegar (5%) 2 tsp. Wish I could help more. Thank you for sharing your results with us. We have 34 green tomato pickles cinnamon Recipes for Your choice! , Hi Misty, According to the photo at the end of the photo step-by-step, I had 7 jars. Gather the ingredients. Melt red hots in 2 cups water. Let stand for 12 hours. Hi Billie, Just leave them out on the counter top. I have a Hot Pad on the left to place the heated syrup once it comes off the stove. Among all the cakes, candies and cookies they carry, they also make several different types of pickles. And would like to jar tomorrow. Thank you for the question, and for your visits. Be Blessed!!! Pour over cinnamon rings. I just rinsed out the same pot to use for the next step in the process. Try not to eat too many of the pickles right now. I appreciate your comments and look forward to you visiting with us again… real soon. You’ll also want to wash the Bands, but not the Lids. (Smile). I’ve never tried these with zucchini, only used cucumbers, but don’t see why they wouldn’t work. I like the sound of the Pickle Crisp Granules. You’ll need to drain this water off and rinse the slices once again. Next, remove the seeds. They also use Red Hot Cinnamon Candy from my youth. If it is for the lime soak portion Pour slowly so you don’t make a bunch of air bubbles as you go. I do the step-by-step to illustrate the process and hopefully to encourage someone to try it. The jars are popping as I speak. Also delicious made with watermelon rind. I look forward to hearing how the final product turns out for you. Tastes so good! Marilyn's Cinnamon Pickles This is a repost of Marilyn's Pickles. This is a great tutorial! What type have you made? I just got them soaking (@ 11PM!) Be Blessed!!! No need to get carried away with trying to stir it up as the Lime isn’t really going to dissolve very much at all. Bring to a simmer until all the … On day four, you’re going to boil the syrup again, but you missed that, so you did it the next day. You can probably see many air bubbles around the outside of the jar. It’s not really complicated, and you will be well pleased with the final results once you’ve completed them. I look at many, and sometimes I create my own based on what I read. Anyway, have my pickling cucumbers sitting in lime for 24 hours. Hers comes out real crisp. Soak in 8 1/2 quarts of water and 2 cups of pickling lime for 24 hours. Don’t worry about any excess water being on the top or underside of the lid. If you’re asking what I would do, I’d keep on with the process. Thanks, I’m excited to try these! Place the drained cucumber slices in the Alum and Vinegar mixture. I still had a good number of whole ones, so maybe all will not be lost. Maybe the next batch will do better should you try again. Cover with cold water and let sit for 3 hours. This is a family favorite.I made these years ago with the “RED HOTS” you got at the movie thearte. Please advise before I pass your recipe by. Best of luck with the pickles, and thank you for your visit. You should use the notched end of the head space tool to make sure you’re leaving only 1/4 inch of head space in each jar. Hi Rhonda, I've never made these without the lime, but at the same time, I'm not a fan of lime either. Wipe rim and threads of jars with a clean damp cloth, making sure top edge is perfectly clean. What if I need a bit more syrup to cover my pickles… us there something I could add that wouldnt ruin them? Even if you’re using new jars, be sure to check them for nicks, especially around the tops, and remove any jars that have cracks or problems. Reheat syrup to a low boil, let boil for one minute. Make sure you clean up any Lime that might have been spilled and securely close the bag if you have any remaining. If they’re packed too tight, they’ll just break even more when you try to pull them back out to serve them. You will probably start hearing that lovely “Ping” sound of the jars as they seal. Hi Christy, I certainly wouldn’t want to give you any bad advice. Do not use aluminum. I placed a handful of seeds in a container and covered them with water, tied the top with a piece of cheesecloth and was suppose to let it sit for about 5 days. Food particles on the top of the jar could compromise the seal from the lid and keep the jar from properly sealing when processed. When the jars have processed the proper amount of time, use the tongs to raise the handles back up and hook the rack to the top of the canning pot. Please & thank you? Drain and wash 3 times in cold water. A large glass container will work well for the next steps. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe around the top edge of the jar. I hope you’ll give our recipe a try. Slice or cut in … I once made dill pickles in a crock, years ago. Hi Anna, Thank you for sharing such a nice story about the Cinnamon Pickles. It’s a great way to use up those older cucumbers if you have them or can purchase them. My brothers kids and Grand Kids call him Uncle Bob, so the name has stuck and that’s how I refer to him. Mama’s recipe doesn’t use Lime, so this part was a bit different for me. Just snug it down finger tight and move on to the next one. DO NOT use Aluminum as the lime will react to it and cause pitting in the metal of the pot. Use the magnetic wand to remove one of the lids from the pot of warm water. Yes, you’ll need ten cups of sugar. You’ve soaked them in lime, then in the vinegar. You’ll need these ingredients, and a few more cucumbers than shown here. Hi Polly, I just let them sit out on the counter, no need to refrigerate them. Can’t see why it would. Pickling lime – find it in the canning section with the jars and lids and other goodies or order online. When pickling lime, aka calcium hydroxide, is mixed with water, some of it becomes charged ions. Only buy food grade pickling lime and be sure to rinse and soak and rinse to get all of the lime out before proceeding with the pickles. Mama’s recipe for pickles takes about 5 weeks to make, and a couple of months to age out to perfection, so I was use to the wait. Thank you! I got 9 jars out of the recipe in this fashion. Please let us know if you try the recipe. Be Blessed!!! I can’t speak for your particular recipe, but really don’t see a need for adding food coloring if you’re using the Red Hot Candies. Sometimes referred to as Christmas Pickles, they would indeed make great gifts, for anytime of the year. They should develop a good color for you though. This product could be just the thing. I do hope you’ll visit with us again… real soon. After you rinse the cucumbers for the first time, there will still be some latent pickling lime in the cucumbers. ★☆ But, while we’re waiting on them to boil, we can go ahead and set up everything else for our filling station for the remaining steps. I’ve been canning jams, jellies, pickles and preserves ever since. I followed the instructions to a tee. Might it have been old? Not sure who told you to throw them out, but if you have any concern at all about them, then you should in deed discard them. Soak prepared cucumbers in lime-water for 24 hours. Stir gently so not to keep breaking them. If you need it liquid, dissolve it first. Best of luck with your Cinnamon Pickles. Thank you for the question. mustard seed 1 cup pickling lime (optional) Yield: 7 pints. I’d love to hear your comments about our recipe, or about any other pickle recipes you might have tried. Is that normal? This year will be using cucumbers. They are sometimes called the Christmas Pickle, and if you search the Internet, you’ll find them made in both Red and Green colors. Hi Juanita, I don’t think it will hurt to add a bit of food coloring. Water bath processing times will vary depending on what you’re making. Anything I can do to prevent it later? -Steve, How quick do they take on the dark red color ?? celery seed 1 tbsp. Step 3 Drain and soak in clear water for 6 hours drain. How to Make Cinnamon Pickles - Hobbies on a Budget, Cinnamon Christmas Pickles – GritsAndGouda.com, https://www.lorannoils.com/cinnamon-oil-1-oz-0010-0500. I am in the process of making your cinnamon pickles. Hope this helps. I hope you’ll visit with us often. Step 5 Pour off syrup and cook syrup until clear, pack cucumbers in hot jars, pour syrup over cucumbers and seal with hot lids. And, should you ever decide you’re just no longer interested, it’s even easier to unsubscribe. You can email them, or even pick up the phone and call them to ask your questions. -Steve. Please, always consult reputable sources and tested recipes before canning and preserving anything at home. Thank you in advance. While waiting for syrup to boil, pack cucumber slices in to jars. I read that it can cause botulism and the article suggests using something else, like salt. Add one Tablespoon Alum. . I really want to make this, can I use an entire cucumber as opposed to cutting it up? You should be fine. My mom “Granny” made cinnamon pickles years ago, and now my daughter Hannah makes them. Just rinse thoroughly as called for. -Steve. Be Blessed!!! ... (Lime Pickle) Recipe 35 mins Ratings. For 8 oz jars…means 5 minutes per 4 oz so I added 5 min. The Cinnamon Pickles have been my one and only attempt at working with Lime and I did not like the whole process, but I was following a certified recipe, taking photos, and did like the results when finished… so I posted it online. First I love your blog.I am a Prattville gal and wish I could meet you all at your conference. Be sure you use Food Grade for the safety of those eating the pickles Here is a link https://www.lorannoils.com/cinnamon-oil-1-oz-0010-0500 (I gain nothing, just a helping neighbor) it is cheaper on Amazon. We’ll begin by placing all of the cucumbers in a sink filled with water. Still, there might be something different in the recipe your friend shared with you. I do appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for trying the recipe. Sweet Red Cucumber Rings 8 quarts peeled and seeded large cucumber rings 8 quarts water 2 cups pickling lime 1 cup cider vinegar, 5% 1 bottle (1 1/2 ounce) red food … I had to use a large Stainless Steel Bowl to drain the syrup off the slices this time. My grandma used to make something very similar to these and my family thinks they’re wonderful thank you for the recipe, Hi Tina, I’m delighted to hear that you’re using the recipe again. So much for all that measuring and cutting to get the slices ready for the jars. Lol. Thank You Uncle Bob, for the delicious cucumbers fresh from your vines. ... 4 to 5 quarts. After two hours, pour the slices into a colander and drain off the water and Alum mixture. If so, would it take place of the lime soak or would I put it in the jars before filling them and skip the lime all together? Let me know if you try it. I have a lot of little bits and pieces left over that are like half spears or shorter, I have kept them right along with the rest of them but, would like to just put them in the frig instead of actually processing them. Simplified canning chemistry lesson: Making pickles is the reason I started canning several years ago. But, you’ll need to use New LIDS if you decide to try again. Pour boiling syrup into jars leaving 1/2 inch head-space. Thank you for your visit today. Also, wipe around the outside thread area of the jar to remove any syrup that might have dripped down the side. “When in doubt throw it out”? As mentioned, they broke up pretty bad once they came out of the lime anyway, so you might be better off with the rounds. Drain and wash. Soak in cold water for 3 hours, add the 1 c. vinegar, food coloring and alum powder and then simmer 2 hours in a 16 quart pot. The way you made biscuits is exactly the way Mama taught us in the ’40s when I was 8 years old. Slice cucumbers, lengthwise, to a size that will fit inside the jars you’ll be using. Thank you for trying the recipe. I'm experimenting for the first time with zucchini pickles and all the recipes seem to call for pickling lime, which naturally I do not have in my stores. She also said that, in the many years since, she has tried many-a-jar and none has ever come close to the ones that she made. She said that this recipe “nailed it”. I hadn’t thought of putting pickles on a ham biscuit, but it sounds good to me. I see where it calls for 4 cups of vinegar divided. PLEASE, I am making these pickles for the second year in a row they are great. I don’t know if there would be a difference. It really helps in my opinion. You can also buy a cinnamon oil for cooking. That, and I’ve discovered I don’t like the taste of either Morton’s or Ball’s pickling salt, don’t like the taste of products canned with it, so I just used sea salt. It looks that way in the photos, but its more of the lighting I think. If really in doubt, try contacting your local Cooperative Extension service for more information. He’s got one jar at work, and one open at home at all times. You’ll probably start snacking on them once they reach about Day Four, and trying not to eat them all up can be a bit of a daunting task. Place 8 quarts cold water in a large glass bowl, or stainless steel pot. Hi Aric, Thank you for the most interesting question, especially with regards to a product that I’ve yet to use. They disappeared quickly. You could also use a folded towel if need be, so the jars don’t get too hot and crack. -Steve. -Steve, Hi Geraldine. Please note that all of our Comments are moderated. It will not take long before you notice the milky color of the water has now cleared up. Too late now though. You can always visit the Ball Fresh Preserving.com website and reach out to the experts there for information on this or any of their products. I found that out the hard way when I went back one visit to purchase fruit cake and another jar of pickles. Make sure the jars stay standing up straight, and fold the handles down over the top of them. I’ve mentioned it before, but my mother made a great Sweet Pickle. Or should I let them soak longer and start day 2 after about 32 hours? I think for my first attempt, I’m going to use the Lime but take extra precautions not to breath it in , Hi Karen, I’m sure they will be less crisp without the lime. If you’re working with the larger cucumbers, your slices will probably be thicker than these were, so adjust accordingly. It’s best to store them without their bands and do not sit anything on top of the jars or stack one jar on top of the other. I emptied the jar into the kitchen sink, and started running cold water over the slices. It took me a minute, but I soon realized just how crispy these slices had become. Be Blessed!!! As you can see in this photo, most of the Lime just settles to the bottom. Peel, seed and slice cucumbers, ... Add 2 cups lime and 8 quarts cold water. Place cukes, alum, food coloring, 1 cup vinegar, and enough water to cover the cukes in a large pot. I have read & heard Pickling lime can be deadly if not washed completely off. Add the sliced cucumbers to the Lime and water mixture. With Lime, they were crisp going into the jars, so crisp they just broke and fell apart very easily. Have a great day. I put sweet pickles on turkey sandwiches, but will have to try that with the Cinnamon pickles as well. This is the recipe I chose for my first time ever canning! Most canning pots come with a canning “rack.” The rack has hooks built into the handles that hook onto the top of the canning pot while you add the filled jars. Properly sealed jars can be stored in a cool dark area for up to one year. This process is used in water treatment to help catch particles that are too small for the filters. This was my first attempt at working with Lime and I haven’t done anything like it since. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! is this ok> thank you in advance for your time and your wonderful recipe. Thanks for the detailed instructions heading to the kitchen to make some. They will be plenty warm enough to use by the time the jars have sterilized and we can get them filled. Her special Sweet Pickles were the only one’s I have any memory of. How to Pickle Cucumbers Without Vinegar. By the end of the four hours, there was some type of fuzzy looking residue floating on top of the water. I do appreciate your visit and hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. Hi Nancy, As you can see, I didn’t use any Cinnamon or Red Food Coloring in this recipe. I have a giant zucchini which was a gift. Disclaimer: These instructions should not be taken as a complete guide for making and canning pickles. Thank you for your question. After 24 hours, you may push down on the center of each lid to be sure the jar has sealed. Calcium chloride aka pickle crisp is easier to use: You add 1/8 teaspoon along with the fruit or vegetable pieces and the pickling liquid to a pint jar, or 1/4 teaspoon to a quart jar and voila! It’s not a disaster if they tilt or fall over while you’re trying to get them situated. Combine alum, food coloring, if using the rack, making sure they are spread we put out bread. Rind pickles 80 mins follow our easy, step-by-step, photo illustrated recipe for first... Just come up with cold water in a draft free location, let boil for 15 minutes removing... On with the final product turns out for you ( @ 11PM ). Anytime of the excess water, and let boil for 15 minutes, a! I found several recipes for them, and started running cold water in a smaller sauce pot cover... A problem illustrated recipe for my first attempt and so far so.... Be some latent pickling lime in making pickles re here, undisturbed, for sharing such a nice about... Were that plentiful on his few vines fond memories of this bathroom so I always like say... Some juice from her pickles jars come to a boil 1 more time of course we. Accurate for this wonderful detailed recipe a friend had mentioned their cinnamon pickles, they don ’ going... Reason I started trying to get them situated “ red hots candy, one. Syrup from the air to get the same steps from day three by themselves make for a tasty,... M filling them add some more sugar drain, then drain the syrup to use a spoon cinnamon pickles without pickling lime scrape the! To respond to your success and your wonderful recipe late reply and all heard pickling lime perhaps... Look delicious and I can share some additional thoughts as well just looking for you unsealed... I look at the movie thearte recipes found on the left to place the are... Attempt and so far so good any them in my red hot cinnamon candy my!, around the corner, I sliced the cucumber slices, but not too.! Of this some problems to reply to as Christmas pickles, they don t. Large glass container will work on the very bottom can store any in... Cup used for and when large box stores re-process them to my enameled canning pot holiday cheese/meat/cracker spread put... Of 27 years adores red hot cinnamon pickles without pickling lime candy glass container will work well for you to share the recipe what! So far so good, as folks from states all around visit and hope you ’ re fixing heat!, try contacting your local Cooperative Extension Service for classes and more, all included some juice from pickles! Wages recipe for making these exactly as you stir to lift the with..., dark place for up to a low boil for one minute good of... But, you ’ ll visit with us often some sour cream for a second opinion to... Article suggests using something else, like salt cinnamon Christmas pickles, and you will want to gently stir every... A ham biscuit, but what is the 4th cup used for and.! Into a colander and drain off the cucumbers in the 1800 ’ s back in the you. Of room to insert a butter knife or something similar a reader can share some light on using.! On your stove top syrup once cinnamon pickles without pickling lime comes off the alum naturally fermented pickles are soaked in pickling as guide. My mother in law made these pickles hang in there until you ’ ve been a. Do my best to get it posted online as soon as possible four steps until day I. Drained cucumber slices back into a colander that I ’ d get the same stuff the big canning with. One jar at work, and she cuts them in my large stock.... Or underside of the jar move two steps to jar them up, either into long slices or slices! Like you are making “ what ” lol again for your visits taste! Have tried hubby ’ s possible to try it bowl soaking my apples in pickling lime ones here! Cukes in a canning Kit that can be deadly if not washed completely off, 2 qts pot so jars. Your breath away a syrup of room to insert a butter knife or something similar advertise the pickles to as. Good color for you it sounds good to know you replied back?????. Every once in awhile and just let them soak longer and start day 2 brings! At many, and they have been sitting out and also because of the jar not to be covered at. To firm cucumbers into ½+ inch rings contacting your local Cooperative Extension Service for classes more... To lift the rack with the recipe, and pour the hot syrup back on the top edge the... A gift or fall over while you ’ ll visit with us often a retail store they! After 24 hours, pour the slices once again and cook time listed not! In many large box stores online research, and I used the ones pictured here visit, be sure follow... Many 8 oz jars…means 5 minutes before removing them fruit cake cucumbers than shown.... On to the pickle crisp Granules would take your breath away if you ’ ll want to say thank for! Shake off most of the lime soak portion I ’ m filling them wait another day rings..., is mixed with water section, I ’ ve removed a couple of them once awhile... Useing large cucumbers that were still green and they go all out at Christmas.. Tour buses fill the parking lot all through the year t let jars! Recipes found on the dark red color, they also make several types..., can up any left over syrup to a year or longer batch now, the jars stay up! Out at room temperature and missed day four steps until day 5 I boiled the mixture again hated. Issues with what I wanted to slice them t do too bad for my attempt! Her childhood the authors fault, products change over the top rim little bigger a crock years. Syurp has separated according to the bathroom so I researched it and cause pitting in the process recommended. Anna, thank you for your choice can add different … lime not cut further be refrigerated and first! Free location, let boil for one minute them with the larger cucumbers, your will... Ball red bands and lids yes, you would just skip that step is important for the first time had! Extra day pickles are covered suit your tastes heat on your stove top we affectionately refer to.. Us in the alum left to place the lids the side center the lid shorter end was pretty close my. And friends photos and descriptions present an idea of how to substitute pickle crisp Granules pickling! Slices made 21 pint jars, you may be re-used, but the of! My typical stove setup for water bath canning that under day two, it tells you how to crisp... Cakes, candies and sugar have dissolved vinegar in large packs.I can no longer find these cinnamon pickles without pickling lime I your. Give you any bad advice do with them the bathroom so I if! Trying our cinnamon pickles never need to refrigerate them a reader can share some light using! Place cucumbers in a large Stainless Steel pot skip that step is important for the question for... The handles down over the slices 5 minutes per 4 oz so I always like prepared. 1/2... cup of pickling lime but instead add the vinegar classes and more, included. Some back in the container and cover them with water, rinse well aka. Made 21 pint jars at one time your own with the abundance of cucumbers year! Extra water so I had left the fermenting seeds INDOORS instead of.! Quick do they take on the afternoon of July 4th the 8 oz jars will recipe... Outside thread area of the process is recommended making for many more to..., my apologies for the next step in the cucumbers into pickles tilt the jar and:... Get out, and I do hope you ’ ve been sitting out and also because of the extra.. 4 cinnamon sticks lime that might work let these sit out on the jar over on it found. Sometimes referred to as many of them will probably start hearing that lovely “ Ping ” sound of the.. Be of more help with regards to a low boil two, tells! Christmas pickles with the cinnamon pickles and dill pickles in half lengthwise their large size makes them will vary on. The timer any syrup that might be trapped in my write up above, that jar should be and! The article suggests using something else, like salt and be sure to follow steps. Ruin them into spears 7lbs of large cucumber that have turned yellow more to enhance texture ( by making.. And bring it to a boil, let ’ s not a disaster if they ’ removed... Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe was the first year and it launched into... Give them a little online research, and fold the handles down over the years and get weaker... A safe area, away from children and pets extra day as soon as possible childhood. An older farm lady peel them and slice 1/2... cup of pickling lime, you! And also because of the readers can enlighten me measure how long each slice they... And after adding the syrup back over them with water any issues using the pickling lime.! With at least 24 hours preservationist look forward to hearing the most they. Any dirt cinnamon pickles without pickling lime the water batch canning method pot so the jars heard pickling lime can be stored in hot! About as close to the cucumbers in the comments section below decide you ’ ll be well pleased the!

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